Third Virtual Job Fair Targets Workers for High-Tech, Green Industries

Michelle Mang of TVC

Michelle Mang, Promotions & Advertising Analyst, TVC

Technology Ventures Corporation and New Mexico WIRED (Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development) host their third virtual high tech job fair September 20-24. Because the setting is cyberspace, applicants can participate from anywhere in the world without standing in long lines.

New Mexico-based high tech and green tech companies that want to participate can register for their virtual booth by contacting Metta-Marie Stahl at 505-843-4143. The fair is limited to these industries because job-fair organizers say they offer opportunities for professional growth and better-than-average pay. (And they’re not all technical jobs, either: Many companies seek sales and marketing personnel and administrative staff.)

By focusing on these industries, the virtual job fair hopes to help small organizations make the most of recruiting efforts. The virtual mode helps company recruiters narrow the applicant field quickly and efficiently.

Job applicants may apply online during that week, and the recruiting companies will respond promptly to the application. The recruiters offer an assessment of the applicant’s skills in relation to the desired job.

The Website will be open to job seekers from 8:00 a.m. September 20 through 5:00 p.m. September 24, 2010.  Participating companies include Emcore, Qforma, Lumidigm, AFRL, APJet, Caldera Pharmaceuticals, Advance Optical and Sandia National Laboratory.

Seventeen companies participated in the second fair last fall, and nearly 820 job seekers applied online.

Alex Padilla of APJet attended the first virtual job fair. At the time, APJet was looking for engineers and technicians to help the company begin production of fabrics treated with the company’s breakthrough stain and water-repellant technique.

“For us, a small company with limited resources, the virtual job fair is a valuable tool,” said Padilla, director of business development for the Santa Fe-based venture. “I don’t have a full day to do résumé-gathering.”

While it’s true that face-to-face contact isn’t possible during a virtual job fair, in-person meetings are typically arranged for candidates whose professional skills clear the first hurdle.

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