Accion New Mexico

A nonprofit organization that increases access to business credit, makes loans and provides training which enables New Mexico-based entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. Since 1994, Accion has served entrepreneurs in more than 181 communities across New Mexico, financing the startup or expansion of 3,420 businesses through more than 5,590 loans totaling over $41 million.


Type of Businesses Served

  • Wide variety of businesses, from restaurants and artisans to manufacturers and mechanics.

Stage of Businesses Served

Funding Style

Funding Range

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Accion team

Mark Medley of ID Theft Resolutions with the Accion team at his loan signing

Applicant Requirements

  • Strong commitment to managing the credit provided.
  • Strong commitment to the business and its development.
  • For loans $35,000+, business plan, three years of personal or business tax returns
  • Collateral (for loans below $5,000, can have qualified co-signer in place of collateral)

Resources Provided

  • Financial literacy training
  • Credit review for applications
  • Technical assistance referrals
  • Mentorship opportunities for clients

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